Monday, 28 February 2011

Triumphant Bath of The Great Unwashed.

love with human kinds present in life is a release into the dream state where all things are possible...or something along those lines...smiles
 I am so looking forward to the luxury of my nice clean bed and a clean's been a week, I hope I don't reek...too bad...smiles

Feeling the pull of the enveloping warm waters and it doesn't feel unsafe in any way...which is nice and a bit of a damn fine miracle, I am patting myself on the back for not holding association and perpetuating the real danger a bath can and has been. I may be being a little foolish sharing this because the energy of being close to the veil of death has been a part of my bath time experience more times than i care to remember, so being able to enjoy the luxurious feeling of water and cleaning skin is a triumph not everyone ever need to find. We can take so much for granted and today I am looking forward to taking advantage of being able to take that basic function for granted! The fact my bed already awaits made for me further empowers me towards an ordinary goal so often too far from my reach...and that my friends is beautiful. I go to get soaked in water, that comes so easily to me through my taps...I am soooo lucky to have that.
'And what you thought was lost was just mislaid' ~ Some People ~ Seventh Tree ~ Goldfrapp
I thought I'd lost my mind from time to time
I was sure I lost my health along the way
Tentative hold on wealth slipped away
Oh the image of lack and woe
I held it as my story and wallowed in its glory
Forgetting my soul is always hunky dory
My heart was always beating
Shallow oxygen intake I was breathing
I saw the obstacles clearing in my way
I sighed relief between times of grief
Keep laughing at that absurd cosmic joke
Appreciate with my heart and soul
This divinity of life.
© Elaine Edwards 04.02 1st March 2011  

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