Saturday, 12 February 2011

A Bit of a Poem From Before

things got even more interesting and different, continuing my learning on the themes I wrote of here...

Most things that I like
I love with delight
I love friends, expressing, chocolate
Sleep, relaxing, writing and reading
I love to create beauty on a blank page
I've learnt to control my fear and my rage
I have learnt that to hate hurts me
Far more than it ever hurts the person
Or thing that really irritated
I love that I have learnt not to take
Things that hurt to my heart
I can start to partake
A free life where nothing is personal
In converse as some verse
We really feel worse
When we accept a projection
Of fear onto us we don't want
I used to hate fear and anger and pain
Till I learnt to let go I need honour them
It was a hard lesson to know it's not messing
I created my life in this way
I gave myself plenty of opportunity
To heal my insecurity
At times I let it make me feel worse
I had not worked it out
I forgive my self doubt
And my slowness of getting the lessons
But one step at a time
I found the sublime
Now I've cleared much the debris of crisis
As I carry on living
I'll surely mess up further
So I'll carry on working it out
As we walk through our journey
Gliding in flow more in harmony
We may again change our course
Start swimming upstream
Let the drama evoke screams
Protesting at how it's not fair
If I do that again please slap me
Shock me back to my path so divine
My way may not be yours
It is not the only way
To empowered joyous existence
All our paths lead to our own way of being
When it comes to the end
All that matters my friend
Is the love we have shared
Not the pain of our birth
Of our soul back to where it came from.....
© Elaine Edwards 7th December 2007

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