Saturday, 26 February 2011

Is Ignorance Sublime

Is ignorance sublime
hiding from time
understanding reason
experience we bleed in
finding understanding
hard work so tiring
facing all our demons
find they too are fearful
tis why they seem so evil
the opposite of live
worries of past and future
stop us living Now
hold on to pain
what is there to gain
which one is the brave
ignorant or wise
truth it is them both
I send you all my love
if you will stay afraid
not face the big divide
if you fight the fight
I admire new found light
if your light is in the dark
I hope you find your spark
I will shine my light
I will find my delight
attract more light
but what of the moth?
© Elaine Edwards 01.53 4th July 2010

An old one...but think I needed to remind myself...
and one that went before this one...

Life is what you perceive it to be
I could just say it's shit
but then I would be lyin
Cos I'm not sat here dyin
I'm learning how to live
a being made of love
it's all just what we make it
so careful what you think
yet think with gay abandon
away from false belief
this is where we find
heart of the matter
matter of the heart
what is matter
particles and dust
what's the matter
I see my life unfold
not all a pretty picture
some parts quite divine
all through my perception
whaich changes all the time
the more I love all that is
the more I feel sublime.
© Elaine Edwards 04.39 29th June 2010

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