Saturday, 5 February 2011

Mental Illness or Natural Response?

Abuse trauma is so often in the experience of those with considered mental illness...I may be being a bit controversial but I actually feel that makes it kind of worse calling it illness, it is reasonable response to have mental and emotional difficulties to work through once abused or traumatised by events that have threatened life or taken away our autonomy in moments. It would be kind of unhealthy to not have any repercussions at all in our emotional development.

Mental health is to me about understanding the psyche, first my own and understanding typical reactions to conditions we live in. It has helped me considerably to understand why people react in certain ways often due to fear of not looking normal or of the person they are rejecting not looking normal. Frustration is entering here because I have a foggy mind due to physical problems that are physical and stress related. I sort of know what I want to say but feel I can';t get it out in a reliable way so that more people will understand what I am saying than won't :o)

When people understand natural and reasonable reactions to experiences it is easier to deal with the fall out. When people are not comfortable around us because we have had trauma and talk about it, it represses our healing process. It is like we are jolted out of alignment with our self, the only person who can realign us is ourself with appropriate support in understanding that is possible with more ease. Society could give that support yet they seem often afraid of 'us' who are labelled with mental health problems. I think this is because really even if they don't name it in this way they know that ''there by the grace of whatever go them and it is frightening to consider. Too frightening to possibly admit, especially if they feel close to the edge themselves.

Segments of society that get together and understand the strength it takes to strive towards a healthy mental/emotional health, encourage each other and give each other respect for the trials that have brought us here are like gifts. Wouldn't it be marvellous if we could spread that gift out into broader society so more people understood better coping strategies and were supported in them without it being something that is considered taboo and something ultimately many would be ashamed of. We are all different and find many different ways to cope but the ones I find who seem to be able to work through their nightmares to follow their dreams tend often to be ones who find this understanding of their psyche by exploring the depth of their personality and all of who they are....finding it difficult again to put into words....exploring creativity and meditating, expressing myself have all been things that have kept me story that brought me here may still make me cry at times but I have made peace with much of it and I honour it and myself through loving the me it has helped create....I think! I may be jumbling words up though....grins

ps maybe I need to write this again one day when brain is functioning experience and the working through it to still find love instead of just fear putting a wall around my heart has all gone towards who I am today. Without the fear being magnified through adversity I may never have worked through it so intensely to determine love breaks down the walls of my own fear.


  1. Ah Elaine Xxxxx Xxxxx and more. I think I know what you are trying to say and you uoi do put it over very well. This is lovely writing, and expresses a real understanding of how those struggling with mental health illness could be helped if there was understanding.

    My emotional lability is caused by my neurological disease. I don't like having it. But most people think I should be able to control it. After years of CBT, and drugs..... it can't be cured, only ever daily managed. Noone I know gets this, they all think it is my personality! I am defined by something that is a symptom of a physical illness most can't see. Just wanted to say love hearing you write, as you ponder stuff day to day X Hope you are ok x

  2. I have continued to support my own mental well-being in circumstances where I am supported and ones where I am not, so I have seen through experience the difference it makes in balance and in well-being. Well-being is different than fit for work ;o) I know I don't need to tell you that just thought it needed saying. It sometimes feels like well-being is only allowed if the person is fit for work, which is pretty mean and could make me feel very upset if I let it. I say fluff it and get back to balance and well-being despite any opposition!

    I would hazard a bet that the neurological disease is made far worse in many ways by peoples reactions to you and the frustration that produces within. Daily management is all any of us can do really but it hits harder when that daily management is regularly disturbed by physical and emotional heaviness. It is so frustrating to be seen as lazy or defective when our physical, mental and or emotional bodies are being wrongly judged and diagnosed. More understanding in this world would make it a better place for us all...

    Hugs I am pretty good I think, just dealing with what is, including my health as it is right now. How are you doing? x