Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Process of Becoming

The Process of Becoming
Change is the only constant
Yet we resist it hard
We strive to find our happy place
To live there all the while
Unrealistic expectation
To stay in one emotion
Besides what would we be
If we only stayed the same
A statue of a human
A being with no flow
Stagnant in our misery
Refusing to let go
Exhibiting the fear
Dividing us from our soul
Not seeing the divinity
Still there unseen
It reunites us all
I have struggled in my journey
The fight with death and life
A process of awakening
Connecting me to soul
Before I took this challenge
I knew it would be tough
The physical restrictions
Symptoms not making sense
Being scared I won't find love
Yet love is all around me
Waiting for me to dive right in
Surrender to my living
So I don't die alive
I flow in my becoming.
© Elaine 02.10 21st July 2009.
While I was gone
I sat upon the poor man's throne
In a state of omphaloskepsis
An old new word I love
Meaning navel contemplation
I let go of some shit
Metaphorical literally
I flushed it all away
Washed myself of it
Wisdom doesn't follow rules
Society decided to inflict
It looks beyond the veil of lies
Letting go to jump right in the flow
We become just what we think
Often not actually who we are
Remember look beyond it all
To find the truth that hides.
© Elaine 02.33 21st July 2009.

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