Thursday, 31 October 2013

WEEK #128 (10-27-13 to 11-2-13): ONLY THE ENDING

This is the end, the only end my friend...
I probably shouldn't announce it singing the words and resisting singing low, 'This is the eeeeeen-nd.' 
Murdering The Doors song, not being the worst thing that can happen. We often don't know the end is approaching in life because it isn't the end of a book with the obvious lack of another wadge of pages. Everything gets tied up neatly and the plot has a good feeling of completion, unless there is a new beginning to hint at for the next book to carry on from.

There are no real endings though, even death isn't an end. I have already talked about 'ol Grim. His story of the beginning. I have even published a picture of him when his story was born near the early chapters before going back to backfill the story which may happen next a bit more but not in this instance. As a narrator I know I have done a botch job and gone off on too many tangents. I don't think I introduced myself but I am sure you guessed I am her soul, the bit that is more in tune with creation itself.

There may even be another book because her story is so not over yet, we are however at the end of this particular book of it. Live or die her new phase of the story begins. She's ready to face the world, she understands the nature of fear, she accepts it may trick her again, she has learnt to love and forgive her imperfection of this incarnation and all that went before. The stories and games played out in experience stored in the files of the memories that make this life what it is. The feelings and emotions that she held onto past their let go date and the ones she let go more quickly as she learnt. But don't take my word for it. If she has come to your attention, ask your soul to tell you why.

22.36 31st October, 2013
I haven't yet typed it up but one day I may share the beginning that was written after the Grim Reaper picture was shared on fb and my friend asked to be named with the tune playing, We're only making plans for Nigel...'


  1. You have so much intensity to share. Someday I hope to read through much more of it.

  2. Hm, I haven't seen her.