Friday, 28 September 2012

The Greatest Love of All ~ Open letter to Britains Oppressers

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I finally slept 2pm-9.30pm I sat for a little while before I was able to go to the I was filling my flask for coffee making by the bed I was thinking of writing an open letter to the gov and system about how I believe the system is following a path of eugenics. Actually it was as I poohed a release that had unusually been compacted, I was thinking about that and how they know how to nurture a healthy society, they are choosing to make us as ill as they can, poisoning us in any way they can, getting innocent* people doing their dirty work believing they are doing good or suffering in their own part of implementing dangerous and colluding with dangerous policy, conflicted as they increase the suffering of those suffering already. It was as I was pouring boiling water into my flask I had this song start to replace the thoughts of the partly formed letter I hope I will be able to write...inspired by Keith Ordinary Guy...

Do you think I should write...

Dear David and your gang of bullies,
I was thinking of you and your despicable agenda as I had a poo are not as stupid as you like to pretend to be, you are deliberately impacting on the lives of people who are already strained to the limits by their health conditions. It is well known that if you nurture a patient/child/person they are more likely to thrive...damn see I find it hard to be concise...I will think about this but I also need to sort out the doctor situation, which is a fear I have to face...

I am doing my best to not be further harmed by this psychological warfare that is aimed at us all but first affecting the most vulnerable people in the country first. My mental health would be a lot more stable if I was supported and cared for adequately to enable me to recover from the devastating physical difficulties I am experiencing. I wouldn't have felt like self harming on Wednesday and have to fight the inner battle and cry for 6-8 hours if I had felt that I was safe and could rely on fair continual support from my doctors surgery. I fell into the pit of fear, you nearly got me. You will never know how much mental and emotional work it took to get through that day.

I may be vulnerable and physically weak, but I have a strength of love on my side. I almost pity you for your fear and hatred of weakness and insecurity and the superiority complex you cover it up with...

Despite the fact you would cheer at my death though my condition or suicide I send you love and compassion and wishes for your fear and hatred to heal, for your humanity to grow instead of wither and die like you appear to expect us to. You in your lack of compassion for fellow humans are weaker than those fighting the hardest to survive your attack on us.

I keep making peace with the fact I am being attacked. It is uncomfortable to be in the direct line of fire of hateful energy. You have an awful lot directed at you. I even enjoyed playing punch Cameron in the facebook myself and I am in favour of love and peace!

Does your ignorance of the energetic nature of emotions protect you?
Is smugness a shield?
Maybe I shouldn't go off into the territory of how we are connected and all that. How the divide and conquer methods work also by making us hate the them who are hating us as their them...Friday 28th September 2012 at 23.00

It is now 23.23  and I have just copied and pasted from always I didn't know I was going to do this till the impulse took me, it is the only way I can do things and it is all part of my own inner healing of the shadow and light, the fear and love...and I am finding the greatest love of all...

* Undoubtedly there are not so innocent people enjoying working with the abusive energy of the current system but there is a discordance within anyone who enjoys abusing and those who are just following rules that make them feel mildly uncomfortable or horribly sick.*

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