Thursday, 27 September 2012

Massdebaters and other poems things I wrote ages ago

A World of Massdebaters ~ Why
Why do we massdebate who is right who is wrong
Christianity and some other religions have the answers in a book
Others argue the only answers are in logic and science that there is no God
There are ones who know they don't know all the answers but know there's more
Are you right with books or science or inner knowing are you wrong
Oh my God you may be wrong
What would that mean
Hell for you
Is it true
I don't think so
You have the right
To believe as you do
To question or follow blind
The real absolute truth
Will only be known
When you are dead
And you may well find
It wasn't what you thought
But that's okay
It really didn't matter
The time wasted
Arguing getting cross
Could be better spent
If you masturbate instead
It's not a sin it's a way to joy
Fabulous shared with a loved one
In the end can we comprehend
The simple complex matter
If the truth we seek
Leaped at our feet
Would we walk all over it
My belief and yours
May be opposing because
We each are free to think if not to express
When we try to force our view to be held true
We just become divided
That is not humanistic or religious
Can't we agree to disagree
Discuss what we think is true
Now who is it who wants this war
To conquer all to their view
Why not come in peace stop this superiority
You are just a human being
Stop mocking others for their belief
Stop thinking you are right
We all are wrong we all are right
We all have our own way
Not a person on this earth understands all the mystery
So give up the fight to be completely right
Play life your way what works for you
It's fine to discuss and share your point of view
Respect each other's folly
For your folly is just as great
Life is sort of what you belief it to be
But the truth will find you in the end.
© Elaine 3.21pm 31:08:08

Random Acts of Kindness
Acts of random kindness are fulfilling to the soul
A simple smile and loving thought can spread a little ease
Not all the acts of kindness that we do need to be well known
If you have raised anothers spirits your own will rise up too
Things we share with open heart indeed a precious gift
With gratitude a celebration of kindness that is love
Without expectation for praise and adoration
Allowing magic of the law of attraction
Kind acts received out of the blue
Kindness supports us too
It seems so selfless
To be kind
It lets love flow.
© Elaine 01.50am 5th August 2008.

Is It Really Kind?
Kindness does not hurt another
With harsh words
Deeds or thoughts
A part of love
It does not judge or bind
Human kindness connects us all
When we allow it to
If all our hearts
Become unbound
Of sibling rivalry
Let go the shackles
Of hate and fear
All pain we share
False pride
Ego superiority
Be kind
Move on
Set free
Love all humanity
Be kind  to you and me.
© Elaine 02.15 am 5th August 2008.

I ask my ego
Step aside
Is that how to be
I invite my ego
Walk by my side
Be all I can be
Not let false pride
Let me slide
Into misery
I aim to be
The best in me
That does not mean
I'm better
Who is best
Not I
Not you
Not he
Not she
No matter
At the core
Of all who live
Human heart
A choice
To not let fear
Hold you back from Grace
Whichever way your journey takes you
Whatever philosophy you hold true
I aim to heal my ego's lust
To sabotage my love
Compassion lost
Peace reign
Within you and without you.
©Elaine 19.23pm 5th August 2008

I Am Only Human
Let us not forget
We are only human
Within the confines

Of this body of mine
Influenced by its senses
The hormonal disruption
That goes to my brain
Electrical function
My heart beats
The breath

Breathe Love
Oxygen to the soul
Shining its light throughout me
Infusing me in divinity
I have been searching
Can we
Find the way

For all to follow
Life the way they choose
So many ways to reach divine
Why can't opposing views see
Theirs isn't the only way
My ways aren't

They all can be.
© Elaine 03.11 am 08.08.08 (Part 1)

Part Two We Are Human
I've been looking for ways
To how we unite our divisions
It was staring me in the face
Like an opposing view
That doesn't see the other
Only seeing in the mirror
Yet not seeing themselves
The things not liked they see
Aspects of self transposed
In mirror image left is right
A paradox or two
The way to the divine
Will certainly entwine
Division and unity
To find them we need look inside
Past technicality of life
Go within find soul
Bring division into unity
Entwined become divinity
Found within you and me
I found it in me now I see it in you
You may still be looking outside
After all we are only human
We forget even when we know
We are soul playing this great game of life
You don't even have to follow a spiritual path
Just be who you are meant to be.
© Elaine 03.11 am 08.08.08

Reality & Illusion
They really do
  Go hand in hand
     Reality and illusion
       You'd think they are
        Quite opposite
        That pair of concepts
      As that is all they are
     My concept of reality
     Will be unique to me
     As yours will be to you
    No matter who the me is
   Nor either who the you
    We live so much time
      Completely in illusion
         Not knowing which is which
       For I have come to know
     Reality is an illusion
   As Einstein said
  Illusion is reality
  What we may consider
  A world of fantasy
  Is just as likely to be true
As one of desolation
Fear and hate
 My world reality
  I see beyond the play
   I live as love my soul
    I fall back into the illusion
     Of commonly perceived reality
     I find it can quite hurt there
   So did I create the world I see
   When I live from my heart
   Or am I quite deluded
  Or are you if you think
   You have it right
     I think one day
     We may all find
       We are all right
       And we are all wrong
     There is no right or wrong
   Like Illusion and reality
They really are the same
 Without the correct balance
   They both can cause us pain
     Sometimes illusions reality
    Does need from time to time
  A touch of magic present in them both.
Elaine 18.39 24th June 2008

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