Thursday, 27 September 2012

An Acquired Taste, An Embarrassment to Some

I decided to add a disclaimer. I can only vouch for my experience of my ill being and well being I am not being critical about (you who have it wrong) your way of dealing with things. My tongue was firmly in my cheek when I wrote the brackets. I am getting it right for me. However we manage our struggle and/also/or dance with life we are all just learning and new truth (or what we currently hold as true) changes our ideas about what is and isn't acceptable. 

This is the day after a pretty big meltdown where a doctor pushed my buttons and I did express some of how I felt about that on facebook but it has also made me think about things and pushed me in a direction I hadn't intended taking maybe. I was very distressed after the appointment but I am thinking of booking a double appointment with him and preparing notes of my experience and facing my fear of the system of treating symptoms not individuals...he was a nice doctor just caught in a system that binds him as well as me. Well I could be wrong but that was the impression I got. 

5 hours ago
Calmer today. Potentially more help is on its way. My hands feel like I have been clinging on to a tightrope for dear life. I haven't had hand pain like this for months. As all things it will pass...
 d continued.......left eye is sore...svery tired but active mind can't switch off cos time3line needs to be written or notes started....not my ego's idea...just got myself all relaxed & healing self took over!!!

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