Sunday, 9 September 2012

GBE2 #69 Impulse With Video

I read the prompt for this week as I pondered some wow thinking moments of clarity and so much sense of why this world makes no sense much of the time! I wanted to type it out but my mind was working far too fast for that and besides I am actually kinda ill at the moment. I am surprised to be able to type as much as this now but quite delighted. I am hoping when I am well enough I can develop more of what I am saying in this. It can be quite a journey having trauma and being ill, it can be an adventure into letting go of every concept you have held as true and working towards what feels more likely to be true, at least for me. We all experience this life we have individually yet hero and villain and all in between, we are all in this together. All it takes is us to to learn compassion, how hard is that?!

My example of how I found it isn't recommended...giggles and love and a fruck off to fear my love...see I am crazy but I love it and I even love the suffering I have gone through, in this moment. It led me to this blissful moment of trust I will keep learning and keep going and learn to do it with less suffering. I may moan about it tomorrow if it hangs on though....what we resist persists. Einstein has lots of interesting ideas, thoughts and theories I think should be taught in schools and the work of Jung. I also tend to agree with many artists who may or may not have had similar inner battles resulting in different experiences yet coming to profound truths about love and compassion and peace.

I think the truth has been so distorted by so many tangled up opposing views that the game of life is about cracking the code, if you wanna play it that way and seeing as mine felt like play it or die I went with play...

Anyway I rambled again...

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put one reply I couldn't post due to capacha problems on follow on blog to this...this is another comment I can't post due to capacha problems...mine doesn't have it does it?

I'm quite impulsive, but there is no right and wrong, I get myself into all sorts of trouble and sometimes its been funny and embarrassing sometimes more serious but takes us down all sorts of difficult roads cautious or adventurous...we all have our own comfort zones, mine has got smaller the last few years. Whatever our boundaries, our personality we will face fear, the only time it is a problem is if it cripples us from being how we are by nature I think...maybe,,,smiles


  1. love your accent !! :0) tho it was so difficult for me to hear your insp wheeze (as a Respiratory therapist..THIS IS WHAT I TREAT) SO , seeing i can not treat you personally, i am blessed to know my faith and can do just this; PRAY!! AND HUG YOU ACROSS THE MILES!

    1. bless you...
      I can't reply to yours on your blog. That was powerful making peace to have lost all that stuff and then to get it back.
      I was worse through the first 12 hours of today. I really thought I was going to end back in hospital. Had a few hours of having to hold on to my bladder. I was exhausted from coughing and kept being stopped in my relaxing tracks as another coughing fit wretched my stomach muscles and the ones above my lower ribs...who needs sit ups with a cough like mine?! I knew my son was visiting in an hour, straight after work and I meditated, fell asleep and woke up not gasping for the first time in over a day. My son arrived, I went to the loo and it wasn't verging on life threatening, which was nice. He made me coffee and said he would be back to help a bit more later and with my prescription, I only had 5 nebs left. I slept again with another meditation and woke as he came back feeling refreshed. Managed with his help to make a nice meal of garlic mushroom toasties. with extra in freezer. Couldn't have done it alone, so very appreciated. He also got me a cordless keyboard and mouse...which means I can sit in comfort and type when it would be uncomfortable or impossible usually. I feel blessed and with love sent my way too I think it may really be time to get through this phase x
      Oh lady who visited me in previous blog has found someone who would like to offer support if we feel able to work together...which is another boost...smiles x

  2. It's too noisy here for me to listen to your video Lainy, Jake is trundling toy cars about, so I'll try to get back to have a listen later. xxx