Thursday, 9 June 2011

Another view of my progress and process...

my single bed downstairs, now I have comfort for when I can't go upstairs or can't sleep in my bed. also house now it hasn't got carpet after my son helped me take it up and clean the years of dirt from under it...found tiles throughout, they are not great but they are better than stinking dirty carpet. I am slowly making my home support my well being and have had to wait for windows of well being to do so...smiles...

Wednesday 9th June 2011 at 04.12 length 6.20

I must add these statements just made to the details of ze video shared here...

there is what could be called a gratuitous boob shot I didn't realise I was pointing the camera at my boobs!
but yeah I think it is pretty good apart from that!
and talking to my doggy all daft
I'm clothed and wearing a bra as well....but boobs is boobs eh?!
I've fleshed out a bit the last few weeks...been skeletal for far too long!

I been tired but it does show lots of change...and me

having t'internet troubles posting things on I tried this without mention of boobies in the title see if it would help I edited it out but it still kept the title when i tried to post so I am starting again same post....

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