Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Challenge Before the Triumph

I forgot to upload these in order so this and next one are from before the two before this one....confused you may be but I am even more! I did this one in bed at the start of an ear infection and talking about thoughts I had for shaving my hair to a no 1 in protest at the system...I am not sure now if I will or if I will shave it for the next assessment....who knows...

26th May 2001 20.17  3.17 long

I wasn't at all well so forgive me for muttering, forgetting what I was saying and stuff...

27th May 2011 at 08.50  length 12.32

I still need to have a good talk through about the proposed hair shave. I talk about what I felt it would achieve for me in the 2nd video. I was well below par so not very cheery I am sorry. As an energy thing our hair is said to hold the emotions and energies of what we have gone through for the past few years depending on how long it is. This is often an unconscious reason we sometimes cut our hair really short at the end of something we have been unhappy in or that has made us suffer in any way. We wash men or things outta our hair and cutting it off is a bigger statement of change and the chance of new beginnings...I can't say right now what way it will turn out but I would certainly like to cut out energies of feeling abused by the benefit system, metaphorically, energetically and physically. I will probably not look hot with short hair like I did when I did it for charity and before I got ill and lost my skin to acne and roscea (sp grr at having conditions I find hard to spell!!!)

 Adam was lovely....

Many people don't like the idea of me going through all that again, but I wouldn't have it bleached again, that is what caused the asthma attack and meds to save my life caused this and long term illness.

It would be in honour of this and surviving it and a serious goodbye to all that struggle energy as I enter a new phase of my life....well the intention is there and I am making as many steps towards it as I can...who knows what will happen, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow....mind it would probably have to crash through my front window!

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