Monday, 23 May 2011

How Can We Help & Be Helped

The day before my birthday is often a time for angst, it has been different this year, more reminiscent of 2007 when I was doing well and decided to go to Turkey on my own a couple of weeks later. I can't do that at the moment due to health and wealth or lack of it, even if I could I haven't got a passport. And there is another tangent. I am full of them today but it may be worth wading through the shit to find the gem in this one...I think...I may be wrong!

08.51 Monday, 23rd May 2011 ~ 11.56 long

Sunday was a very big day working on my psyche and my right to be a human being treated with dignity even though I am unable to support myself adequately enough to work and pay tax. Part of that was putting a lot of films into the video player that works downstairs.

so I may not have paid attention but they have done what they need including the good cry at the end of the last film, always made me cry! Started with this making me want to watch. I didn't actually sit and watch them properly but it has been different to sitting in silence apart from the humming in my ears and occasional youtube. I am low on broadband availability and so trying not to youtube...I have caught favourite bits of all the films and laughed and cried in a few appropriate places...while working through some of my stuff and writing about what it is to be ill and especially in this era with the draconian attitudes and seeming cruelty through ignorance or deliberate tends to dominate far more than I want it to but like getting through post trauma stress before, I do know I am doing well quicker each time i go through major trauma. I wonder if they in the atos would ever understand that....

Accidental Hero
It could Happen To you
Train Spotting
Match Maker
When Harry Met Sally....about to start...
Blues Brothers

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and i wrote more about my sleep disorder as I work through the issues I am working through now on my facebook

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